Privacy policy

Data provided directly by you

Personal information that you directly provide to us (e.g.: by the contact form or by e-mail or by phone) is used only to answer your requests and to keep records of correspondence. If applicable, your personal data may be used also to comply with the law or to fulfill any contractual obligations towards you. To this aims, we may share some of your details with some third parties, like postal couriers, external accountants and lawyers.

Any personal data is stored and processed in the EU. Unless legally obliged, we don't retain personal data for more than ten years.

Data provided by third parties

We don't generally receive personal information about you from third parties. If that happens, the information will generally be limited to your name and contact details and will be used and retained according to the same policies that we apply to the information provided directly by you (see previous section).

Data collected by this website

We don't collect any of your personal data when you visit our website. Specifically, we don't use any cookie, tracker or fingerprinting technology.
For what concern the information that you may send us by the contact form, please refer to the first section of this document.

Our hosting provider, Aruba S.p.A., may store server logs to ensure IT security.

Reviewing or removing your data

If you'd like a copy of your personal information that we are retaining or you'd like to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate, please contact us.