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Soap and detergent operations sold to Desmet Ballestra

Sagittario has reached an agreement with Desmet Ballestra Group for selling the soap and detergent operations of Mazzoni LB S.p.A.. The closing of the deal has taken place on March 15, 2017. This is the second important deal with the Desmet Ballestra Group as Sagittario sold them Ballestra S.p.A. on January, 1st, 2006. The combined turnover of these companies in 2017 will exceed 150 millions €.

Sagittario S.p.A.

Sagittario S.p.A. is an holding company established in 2001 by the Ballestra S.p.A. shareholders to control 100% of its equity and to invest in industrial companies. Ballestra is a leading engineering company which designs and supplies plants for the detergents, surfactants, biodiesel, oleochemical, chemical and fertilizer industries.

Having disposed of Ballestra S.p.A. in 2006, Sagittario has enhanced its investments in global engineering, manufacturing and trading companies operating worldwide in the consumer goods and oleochemical area. Sagittario has also invested in real estate and financial services.

Among its industrial investments, Sagittario has acquired in 2009 100% of Mazzoni LB S.p.A., the world leader in the design and supply of plants and equipment for the soap industry. Mazzoni, as Ballestra S.p.A., has been managed directly by Sagittario shareholders who have substantially increased the turnover, the market share, the profitability and the range of equipment and services provided to the world market. Sagittario has also invested in 2013 in Temix Oleo S.r.l. a leading italian oleochemical manufacturer.


Board of directors


Corso di Porta Nuova 15
20121 Milano (Italy)

Statutory auditors


Major industrial investments

Bertuzzi Food Processing S.r.l.

Established in 1936, Bertuzzi Food Processing S.r.l. designs and supplies complete plants and equipment to produce:

  • fresh juices,
  • concentrated juices and purees,
  • nectars,
  • baby foods,
  • dairy (yoghurt, milk recombination),
  • fruit preparation for yoghurt,
  • vegetable sauces/ketchup/mayo,
  • tomato paste,
  • candied fruit,
  • jam.


100% Sagittario S.p.A.


Emmanuele Imperiali (CEO)

Offices and workshop

Corso Sempione 212 bis
21052 Busto Arsizio VA (Italy)



A pomegranate processing plant
Largest evaporator ever supplied by Bertuzzi, model Frumaco. It is part of an apricot processing plant capable of processing 42 tons of fresh fruit per hour, installed in China during 2004
An aseptic line
Bertuzzi offices and workshop in Busto Arsizio (Italy)

Axor Ocrim S.r.l.

Axor Ocrim S.r.l. designs and supplies complete plants and equipment to produce a wide range of:

  • Long shape pasta
  • Short shape pasta
  • Special shape pasta (lasagne, nidi, etc.)
  • Proprietary equipment to dry pellets for snacks

With the support of Sagittario, Axor has entered into a strategic alliance with Ocrim S.p.A., that is one of the major world player in the design, manufacture and supply of complete plants and machines for the production of flour and of feed mills. This alliance has allowed to Axor and Ocrim to coordinate their activities making the best use of the technical, technological and commercial synergies between their operations in order to offer to the worldwide customers a unique solution for the realization of flour mills, feed mills, pasta and snacks production plant.


  • 60% Management
  • 40% Sagittario


  • Rudy Lody (Chairman)
  • Marco Mistroni (CEO)
  • Marzia Govoni (Administrator)
  • Andrea Costa (Production)
  • Stefano Farnetti (Director)

Offices and workshop

Via Maestra Grande 20
44045 Dodici Morelli FE (Italy)



A press
A long-cut pasta plant
A short-cut pasta plant
Axor Ocrim offices and workshop in Cento (Italy)

Temix Oleo S.r.l.

Temix Oleo S.r.l. since 1980 manufactures and trades raw materials and intermediates (fatty alcohols, alcohol ethoxilates, fatty acid, glycerine, esters lauryl ether sulphate, tertiary amines, etc.) for oleochemical, soap, surfactant, detergent, lubricant, rubber, textile, plastic, leather, tire, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Temix Oleo operation in Calderara di Reno (Bologna/Italy) presently produces and trades annually over 80.000 tons of oleochemicals.

Fatty acid production plant

  Running on TPD
Splitting 3 units 160
Distillation 3 units 313
Separation   91
Hydrogenation 3 reactors 84

Ester production plant

  Running on TPD
Esterification 4 reactors 81


  • 33% Sagittario S.p.A.
  • 33% Cella family
  • 33% SAPI S.p.A.



Via Piero Portaluppi 17
20138 Milano (Italy)

Production site

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 10
40012 Calderara di Reno BO (Italy)



Temix Oleo manufacturing plant in Calderara di Reno (Italy)
Temix Oleo manufacturing plant in Calderara di Reno (Italy)

Other relevant investments

99 Technologies S.A.

99 Technologies S.A. is specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative, revolutionary and highly effective disinfection systems with the goal of significantly reducing the incidence and the effects of health care acquired infections.
99T aims at bringing innovation in disinfection processes through the introduction of truly applicable, pervasive, and affordable technology.

Key unique features

  • 99T system has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, and spores thus it can effectively address all the disinfection needs of healthcare facilities.
  • 99T system is highly effective already at low dosages against the levels of contamination in healthcare facilities.
  • Less time dedicated to the process of disinfection optimizes the use of non-invasive medical devices in healthcare facilities.
  • 99T is extremely competitive allowing healthcare facilities to reduce costs budgeted for disinfection while maintaining a high standard of prevention of Health Care Associated Infections.
  • 99T system can be extensively deployed in healthcare facilities and become an effective and truly implementable tool in the fight against hospital infections.
Modulator Micro-Nebulizer 99MB

Prisma RE S.p.A.

Real estate company which owns and manages Ballestra’s buildings (8000 sqm on the Milan peripheral highway opposite Linate Airport) where Desmet Ballestra S.p.A. and Temix International S.r.l. are headquartered.


  • 72% Giada Sapa
  • 28% Sagittario S.p.A.
Prisma RE buildings in Via Piero Portaluppi 17, 20138 Milan
Prisma RE buildings in Via Piero Portaluppi 17, 20138 Milan

DGPA Capital

Private equity fund specialized in investments in small/medium companies having strong growth opportunity in Italy and worldwide.


3,5% Sagittario S.p.A.



Style Capital SGR

Private equity fund specialized in investments in small/medium Italian Companies in fashion, design, having strong growth opportunity in Italy and worldwide.

Industrial Stars of Italy 2 S.p.A.

Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that has invested in Sit Group/Italy, world leader in the design and supply of key components for gas boilers.

Key managers

Ing. Marco Galateri di Genola

Marco Galateri di Genola

Birth date: 24/2/1944



Ing. Giuseppe di Carpegna

Birth date: 17/4/1974



Dott. Emmanuele Imperiali

Birth date: 19/5/1975



Avv. Alessia Galateri di Genola

Birth date: 15/5/1976